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Nada Švob-Đokić
Jaka Primorac
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Institute for International Relations (Zagreb, Croatia, founded in 1964) is a public, non-profit scientific research organization engaged in the interdisciplinary study of international economic, political and cultural relations and international communication. The main fields of expertise include: European integration processes, regional development and policy, sustainable development and environmental protection, international economic and political relations, cultural development, policies, interactions and communication, media policies and specific aspects of security in international environment. The Department for Culture and Communication (4 researchers holding Ph.D. and 3 M.A. associates) concentrates on cultural research and analysis, especially in the fields of cultural identities, cultural policies, intercultural communication, digital culture, culture industries and media environment. The Department hosts the Culturelink Network established in 1989 by the Council of Europe and UNESCO. It regularly organizes international seminars and conferences. Members of the Department teach at the University of Zagreb and the University of Rijeka. The Department has also established a series of Culturelink publications, and publishes regularly studies and collections of papers in English.


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