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Milena Dragićević Šešić
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University of Arts in Belgrade was established in 1957 as an Academy of Art, which comprised four artistic schools (academies). It has been officially recognized as a unity of four faculties and proclaimed as a University of Arts in 1973, when the new Law on University in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was endorsed. The change in name was not merely formal in its nature, as the schools advanced their curricula by introducing theoretical education, as well as master and doctoral programs. The University educates wide range of artists, art & media researchers and other professionals in the domains of music, fine arts, applied arts and design, dramatic arts, film, radio and television. The University of Arts in Belgrade is the only specialized university for artistic education in Serbia, as well as in the field of cultural studies and theory of arts and media, attracting the best students and professors from Serbia and SEE region. The University offers large scope of courses covering all art disciplines, as well as courses aimed at professionals in culture and media scene. The University strives to promote creativity and diversity as the most important needs in seeking to assist the community in global cultural development and prosperity. The University of Arts is open to society and its demands, through specific projects and actions contributing to a general and specific reform processes within the society, aiming at the communities it is situated in. As the university’s strategic priority is Europe, but also the Balkans, the most activities are aimed at renewing the University’s place as a regional educational art centre of the Balkans. It is member of EUA, ELIA, IUC, ENCATC and many other European and regional networks.


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