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Cultural identity politics

Final publication in PDF format:

Cultural Identity Politics in the (Post-)Transitional Societies

(, 1.067kB)

Edited by: Aldo Milohnić, Nada Švob-Đokić

Authors: Andrea Komlosy, Hannes Hofbauer, Milena Dragičević Šešić, Aldo Milohnić, Jasmina Husanović, Brankica Petković, Paško Bilić, Vladimir Davčev, Nada Švob-Đokić, Maja Breznik, Sezgin Boynik, Jaka Primorac, Svetlana Racanović

Draft versions of papers and case studies written by members of the project research team:

Abstracts and concepts ()

Nada Švob-Đokić: Some introductory observations ()

Nada Švob-Đokić: Cultural Identities in Southeastern Europe: A post-transitional perspective ()

Paško Bilić: How Social Media Enforce Glocalization ()

Jaka Primorac: Culture of Hits vs. Culture of Niches: Cultural Industries and Processes of Cultural Identification in Croatia ()

Andrea Komlosy and Hannes Hofbauer: Identity Construction in the Balkan Region. Austrian Interests and Involvements in a Historical Perspective ()

Milena Dragićević Šešić: Cultural policies, cultural identities and monument building – new memory policies of Balkan countries ()

Aldo Milohnić: Performing identities: national theatres and re-construction of identities in Slovenia and SFR Yugoslavia()

Brankica Petković: Instrumentalisation of Language and Media Policies for Re-positioning of Ex-Yugoslav Cultural Identities in Slovenia ()

Maja Breznik: Cultural identities from the bottom up ()

Students' works on the topic:Monument policies in the context of new identity and memory policies

Milena Dragićević-Šešić: Introduction to “Students’ Works” section ()

Jasmina Gavrankapetanović-Redžić: Monument Analysis: the Center for the Srebrenica - Potočari Memorial and Cemetery for the Victims of the 1995 Genocide, Bosnia and Herzegovina ()

Marijana Lubina: Bandaging Wounds of a Partisan Fighter as an Answer to the Policy of Forgetting ()

Vladimir Miladinović: Politicization of Memory through the Monument Culture ()

Iva Simčić: Braco Dimitrijević: Under This Stone There is a Monument to the Victims of War and Cold War ()

Milena Popov: Case Study: Monument to King Peter I Karadjordjevic in Zrenjanin ()

Marko Suvajdžić: Heres Valley: a photo essay ()

Dušan Nešković: Artifact Analysis of Monument Dedicated to Karadjordje and Misar’s Heroes ()


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